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Sint Maarten (Dutch) and Saint Martin (French) boasts 37 beautiful, white sand beaches ranging from those located close to hotels, and offering full service and amenities, to those that take a little effort to get to but reward you with the possibiity of having the entire beach to yourself. No matter what style of beach you prefer, you're bound to find a favorite St Maarten beach to suit your tastes.

The two beaches closest to the Summit offer a great example of the variety of beaches to be found all over St Maarten. Mullet Bay Beach is an easy 6 minute walk from the Summit (or a 3 minute drive if you prefer) and offers beach chairs and umbrellas for rent as well as two long time favorite beach bars serving grilled chicken, ribs and delicious cold drinks. The beach is popular with local St Maarteners and visitors alike thanks to the beauty of the beach itself, the services offered and the ease of getting to it.

Cupecoy Beach is a 10 minute walk from the Summit (or a 4 minute car ride) and offers numerous coves to explore. Depending on the tides, certain parts of the beach may be "in" or "out" when you arrive. Cupecoy takes a little effort to get to as you'll need to walk off the road and follow a path that takes you down to the beach. If you visit the part of Cupecoy that is in front of the Shore Pointe villas, you'll likely meet Danny who operates a small grill and offers cold drinks from the cooler he keeps nearby. Other parts of Cupecoy have no amenities at all and are best for those who prefer more privacy and fewer fellow sunbathers.

On the French side of the island, Long Bay, Plum Bay, Baie Rouge and Friar's Bay all offer beautiful spots to swim and sunbathe. From Friar's Bay, you can follow a short hiking trail to Happy Bay which offers an even more secluded experience. All of these beaches are on the Caribbean, or western, side of the island and offer great sunset viewing as well. Orient Bay is sometimes referred to as the St. Tropez of the Caribbean thanks to its long stretch of beach bars, restaurants, hotels and shops right on the beach. No visit to St Martin is complete without a day spent there.

On the Dutch side, in addition to Mullet Bay, you'll find a variety of beaches as well including Simpson Bay, Little Bay, Great Bay and Le Gallion.

Great Bay beach is one of the largest and most popular beaches in St Maarten. It was enlarged by sand displaced during construction of a ship pier and is now one of the longest and widest beaches on the island. Behind the beach is a boardwalk with bars, restaurants and shops and where parties regularly take place. It is also conveniently located along Philipsburg the main shopping area and the capital of Dutch side.

No matter which beach you choose to visit, always remember that the sun is extremely strong here and that sunscreen with a high SPF and wearing a hat is highly recommended. Enjoy your time exploring our beaches and by all means, let us know which one becomes your favorite!