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St. Maarten Artists

Get To Know The Talented Artists of St. Maarten

Ms. Ruby Angelica Bute

Ms. Ruby Angelica Bute, also known as Ms. Ruby, is an artist, a story teller, an event planner, a lover of nature and an inspiration to many people on the island. Honored by the Queen of Holland on February 25, 2005, Ms. Ruby, who has been painting from the age of six, has taught many generations of young artists. Ms. Bute reflects, with a smile on her face, that she has always painted and has always been in love with painting—even when she worked in other industries, painting was her passion. The excitement that she gets when she looks at an empty canvas and "sees a whole new world on the canvas" is something that offers her "peace and tranquility". Ms. Butes’ collection of work can be found all around the island on both Dutch and French St. Maarten. However, to see her work in her element, one must visit her gallery in Friars Bay under the "silk cotton" tree.

If you are ever on the island during one of the many events she caters to, we recommend you attend. From the Gentleman’s Fashion Show to the Christmas Arts Village, Ms. Ruby has events throughout the year to not only keep your feet tapping and your palates titillated, but you will have a great journey into the history of the island.

Sir Roland Richardson

Sir Roland Richardson, a native of St. Maarten, has a passion for preserving the Caribbean through his art, which he has been creating for over forty years. Works as small as a postcard, and as big as 10 feet by 10 feet, reflect this dedication and commitment to showcasing the beauty, changes and history of St. Maarten.

Sir Richardson, who was knighted by Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands in 2007, has also received a life time achievement award from the French government. When stepping into any one of his galleries at La Samana, and on Rue de la Republique in Marigot on the French side, the feel, charm and splendor that earned him such wonderful accolades are evident.

Sir Roland Richardson starts off with a small class that takes you into the various spectrums of colors. With his captivating voice, his smile, warm personality, vast knowledge and displays, you can stay for hours in his company, looking at his work and choosing from the various selections to take home a colorful piece of St. Maarten. Sir Richardson also does commissioned work, from portraits to various spots on St. Maarten. Size, color and location are not a challenge for Sir Richardson, but we won’t give it all away. Words are not enough and one must simply go and see the master at his trade.