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The Summit Scene



Dear Valued Guest of the Summit Resort Hotel,

Deep in the heart of summer, it's quiet and peaceful here at The Summit Resort Hotel. While our guests who come to the beautiful island of St. Maarten during this time of year find they can truly relax with the slower pace and the absence of crowds, we keep ourselves busy making improvements to the hotel for your comfort and pleasure.

We're Going Green

This summer we're focusing on "going green" in small ways that ultimately make a big difference. We've recently replaced inefficient water heaters with tankless water heaters,which save significantly on electricity because we now only heat water on demand, when you need it, rather than keeping the water hot around the clock. It's a great feature for our guests, because now you have an endless supply of nearly instant hot water at your fingertips.

We've also installed air conditioner sensors in our guest rooms which detect when a room is unoccupied and set back the air conditioner thermostat, saving enormous amounts of electricity. As you can imagine, nothing is more wasteful than air conditioning an empty room.

But wait, there's more! When you stay at The Summit Resort Hotel, you'll also find that our new bathroom amenities (shampoo, conditioner, lotion and soap) are 99% biodegradable, even the packaging. The lightbulbs used in the room will be CFL and LED bulbs, and of course, you'll find a sign encouraging you to use your towels and bed sheets more than once, to save on water, detergent and electricity.

We know how important it is to "go green" because much of The Summit Resort Hotel's charm lies in the pristine, unmatched and unpolluted beauty of our surroundings, and it is our absolute goal to keep it that way.

Arts in the Plaza

It's a cultural melting pot in St. Maarten, where Dutch, French, Indian and Caribbean influences have combined to create anamazing arts community. Nearly year round, St. Maarten's local artists delight visitors at Porto Cupecoy, a nearby resort, by displaying their paintings and sculptures, while dancers, musicians and even stilt walkers perform. To accommodate the visitors to St. Maarten, the restaurants, shops and boutiques are open late. The marina also offers complimentary dockage on festival nights for pleasure crafts and yachts from neighboring islands.

In our beautiful and quaint little enclave, The Summit Resort Hotel is ideally situated for our guests to go and enjoy Porto Cupecoy's bustling and busy arts scene, and then return to our quiet and more private lifestyle.

Attention Summit Vacation Club Members

If you're a Summit Vacation Club and Timeshare Member, and you'd like to bank your week with RCI, please be sure your annual maintenance fee is paid up first. If it is not paid, your request will be declined, and you'll have to pay it and go through the booking process again. We want to save you a lot of time, hassle and frustration. "You can easily take care of the AMFright here."

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We'd love to have you forward this newsletter to a friend, or someone you may have met the last time you were in St. Maarten. Just click on our handy little "Forward to a Friend"button below, and not only will you get them in on the happenings at the most beautiful place on earth, but if your friend books their first vacation with us, and mentions your name, we'll give you a $25 credit to use anyway you like during your next stay! (You must forward using the button below).

Come to the Summit Resort Hotel in St. Maarten. It's more than a beautiful vacation destination. It's a place where you're treated like family, and where you and your family will make lifelong friends.


Bruce Jakubovitz, Owner