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The Summit Scene



Dear Valued Guest of the Summit Resort Hotel,

St. Maarten is among the loveliest islands in the Caribbean, if not the world. It has fantastic weather, breathtaking scenery and The Summit Resort Hotel-- the perfect place to relax and vacation. But many visitors to St. Maarten don't know that its hospitality and trade industry takes great care to make it an island of growth and opportunity for its residents as well.

$1 a Day - Goes a Long Way

For many years, the St. Maarten Hospitality and Trade Association (SHTA) has run itsDollar-A-Day program for the purpose of providing funds for educational, environmental and social programs for St. Maarten residents that were not available from the government. Several hotels, including The Summit, started the program with a $1 contribution per night per occupied room, collected from hotel guests on a voluntarily basis. The success of these properties was and remains overwhelming.

Now in a joint collaboration between SHTA and the St. Maarten Timeshare Association, the Dollar-A-Day program has gained steam, and The Summit Resort Hotel is re-launching its program to help with the effort. We hope you will join us and encourage you to contribute $1 per night so that the citizens of St. Maarten can continue to thrive, important programs can be implemented, and the island can become an even better place to visit.

Employee of the month: the inimitable

Ms. Muriel

With a name like Muriel Welcome, it's no wonder that she has found her way into the hospitality industry. Originally from St. Kitts, this great grandmother came to the island of St. Maarten in the late 1960's to work as a housekeeper before coming to the Summit Hotel in 1977 to join her sister, Ms. Mena who was, and still is, the head of housekeeping.

Ms. Muriel is the mother of three children, the grandmother of six, and the great-grandmother of a one-year-old baby boy. She sings happily while she works, so her family and Summit guests usually know she is around before they see her. For returning guests, her singing is a familiar and welcome sound that beckons them, for they know they'll receive a warm smile of recognition and a big hug from Ms. Muriel, as well as questions about what has happened in their lives since their last visit.

Ms. Muriel is an avid churchgoer, and her faith combined with her love for her job emanates from her in pure joy. She draws people to her like a magnet. But if you ask her if she's going to retire, you might just get a little playful sass from her to the effect of: "No! The Summit Hotel is my family and I ain't going nowhere just yet."

And that's exactly what we want to hear. Many of our guests don't want her going anywhere, ever. Ms. Muriel is a highly valued part of our family and we wish her health, strength, happiness and many blessings.

Come to the Summit Resort Hotel in St. Maarten. It's more than a beautiful vacation destination. It's a place where you're treated like family, and where you and your family will make lifelong friends.


Bruce Jakubovitz, Owner