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The Summit Scene

News From The Summit Resort Hotel, St. Maarten

Dear Valued Guest of the Summit Resort Hotel,

As the calendar makes its way through October, and high season approaches once again, the island of St. Maarten/St. Martin gets ready to greet visitors and we do the same here at the Summit Resort Hotel. On the island, the recent Coastal Clean Up was a huge success, as was the Pink Parade for Breast Cancer Awareness.

Here at the Summit, activities from new safety training and procedures to checking on the health of our staff and attending to maintenance issues are keeping us busy.

28th Annual Coastal Cleanup is a big success

Late last month, over 316 volunteers from all over St.

from The Daily Herald

Maarten/St. Martin collected over 1,102 kilos of trash (that is more than 2,400 pounds or 1.2 tons!) from the beaches around La Belle Creole as part of the 28th Annual International Coastal Cleanup day.

The cleanup was organized by the St. Maarten Pride Foundation working with SXM Trails and Ocean Conservancy Team. Volunteers came from a number of local businesses and schools as well as various civic organizations.

The trash collected was hauled away in 125 bags by members of the French side's Collectivite's Service techniques who provided garbage trucks, tents and shuttle drivers to ferry the volunteers back and forth. Each year a different beach is selected for clean up. No word yet on which one will be picked for next year.

Safety training at the Summit

From new hardhats, gloves and other protective equipment to wear on the job, to learning how to properly use fire

extinguishers and first aid kits, Summit employees underwent safety training this month to ensure they stay safe on the job and can assist in an emergency if needed.

Keeping employees safe is of paramount importance of course and making sure that everyone is equipped to help out, in the event of an unforeseen event, helps to minimize the impact of anything that might happen.

As they say, hope for the best but plan for the worst and hope it never happens. At the Summit, we believe in being prepared.

New causeway scheduled for mid-December opening

The causeway over Simpson Bay Lagoon that will connectAirport Road to Cole Bay is more than 85 percent complete and expected to open as scheduled on December 15th, just in time for the


height of tourist season on the island. The causeway features a swing bridge that, when open, will allow boats to pass in both directions at the same time. This will make openings far more efficient and traffic interruptions much shorter. In addition, the causeway will have a bike path and walkway and a unique lighting design that will change color as different activities take place on the bridge. It's bound to be popular as a brand new destination all in itself.

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month in St. Maarten too!

A month's worth of activities kicked off on October 5th, when an estimated 600 people participated in the Pink Parade to


commemorate the beginning of Breast Cancer Awareness month in St. Maarten.

The parade wound through Philipsburg and was supported by over 30 businesses and groups.

At the Summit, we provided all female employees with free transportation and paid time off work to take advantage of free clinical screenings. Our employee's health is important to us as they are key members of the Summit family as are all of you.

Employee of the Month!

This month's Employee of the Month is Joan Felix of the Summit's Housekeeping Department. Joan as been with the Summit for th e past year and takes great pleasure in making guests feel "at home" when they visit.

She takes great pride in doing her job well and ensuring that guests always find their rooms to be clean and comfortable. Joan enjoys chatting with guests and is happy to share cultural stories as well. Joan is the proud mother of three children and a proud grandmother as well to two lovely granddaughters.

Keep bringing those smiles and doing the wonderful job you are Joan. We thank you for all you do for our Summit family.

Come and experience St. Maarten the way our regulars do, at the best hotel on the island-The Summit Resort Hotel.

Come enjoy the island, relax and make new memories to share with friends and loved ones!


Bruce Jakubovitz, Owner
E. P. Evans , General Manager
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